In the dialogue between the fragility of the blossom and the stability of the seam, both the past and the passing – as well as the attempt to hold on to it – are called into question. Firmly rooted in the earth, the work balances growth and creation in the rhythm of becoming and vanishing.


the brave new view

The sky opens a view into the void and challenges our perceptional borders. Where does the boundless end and where does it begin…
This work focuses on the examination of mental and visible boundaries, attempting to conserve the moment of endlessness.

symbiosis 1-6

The immersion in the logic of a system of organic growth and the conviction of being one with what surrounds us forms the core of this work.

agility in norm

The project „Agility in norm“ explores the tension between manual intuition and industrial norm.

cirrus radiatus I

Tapisserie series, 2021
“Cirrus radiatus I”


DIN-Studies Series, 2021
Hand-dyed, knitted works to establish the criteria for the respective standard.

glacial erratic

Series of porcelain objects, 2014

animalie - memory of being an animal

Transfer the worlds between waking and sleeping into the visible and tangible world in the form of textile objects.