animalie - memory of being an animal

Every human being has a consciousness, a mind and thus the gift to act in a controlled way. Only during sleep man gives up his consciousness and thus his sacred characteristic, which distinguishes him from the animal. In sleep he feels reminded of his kinship with the animals. Here we remember our origin from the bosom of nature, our primal fears and desires, our urges and our secret longings. Everything animal in us is given over to freedom. Unbridled, irrational, emotional and even fantastic is the world with our inner beings, which we visit every night in our sleep. 

The cave paintings of the Stone Age and their original form of expression, especially the mystical and marvellous depictions of animals, serve as a source of inspiration for an archaic aesthetic and form the entrance to my dream journey. From this point of view, I travel with my omnipresent soul deep inside myself through sleep.

The core of this work is the translation of the encountered worlds into tangible reality, which is shown through various textile objects divided into IV chapters.

Chapter I

Transition into the unconscious mind

Chapter II

Diving into the world of dreams

Chapter III

Sinking into deep sleep

Chapter IV

Rising into consciousness