cirrus radiatus I

„Cirrus radiatus I“

(Latin cirrus radiatus, meaning „striped, radiating“).
Striped cloud formations, which extend in two opposite radiation points as a band across the entire sky, form the basis of the tapestry „Cirrus radiatus I“.

Colors and patterns are reflected in the sky as well as in the hand-dyed knitted fabric.The specially developed dyeing and knitting process ensures that color moods and patterns organically unfold recurrently in controlled coincidence, like clouds in the sky.

Cirrus radiatus I
# 03/03
95 x 260cm
Merino wool

Shown at group show „Radical Craft 3“ at Direktorenhaus Berlin.

01.10.2021 – 01.04.2021

Cirrus radiatus II
# 02/03
95 x 245cm
Merino wool, copper

Cirrus radiatus III
# 01/03
95 x 230cm
Merino wool, copper