Symbiosis 1-6


A lichen is a symbiotic community – i.e. useful for different species – between fungi and a partner that converts light into chemical energy carriers by means of photosynthesis. Only in symbiosis do completely new structures and growth forms develop, which only exist in lichens.

In a 2008 experiment, biological samples of the ‚ornamental yellow lichen‘ (Xanthoria elegans) were exposed to hostile conditions in space for a year on the Interna- tional Space Station ISS. Thanks to their high adaptability, the samples were able to withstand the adverse conditions. The high resistance of lichens is also evident in climatic changes: In heat and drought, for example, they become inactive. Only when they take up water again, via rain, dew or humidity, is their metabolism reactivated. This is how lichens can live up to 5000 years.  

Symbiosis 1-6 deals with the growth and proliferation of structures and objects that repeatedly build up according to a logic, but nevertheless deviate from it.
Shapable textiles are brought into a new common aesthetic with colourful gradients in growing meandering movements.

The immersion in the logic of a system of organic growth and the conviction of being one with what surrounds us forms the core of this work.

Picture by: Elia Schmid

Knit, Yarn hand dyed
wool, latex, wood
87 x 129 cm
56 x 46 cm
52 x 42 cm
51 x 37 cm
36 x 33,5 cm
23 x 23 cm